What do you look for in a vacation?

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

What do you look for in a vacation? Is it the destination? Is it the adventure? Is it the cuisine? Or is it the party? Now or Never Trips was formed with the goal of satisfying all of the above providing you with the true “trip of a lifetime.” We strive to give a unique experience for every jetsetter. Each trip is an all-inclusive type experience with a multitude of surreal excursions and fitness, affordable and local cuisine, and unique parties that take place over an incredible sunset or in middle of a mystic jungle. Surrounded by people from all over the world, you’ll leave with new friends, experiences, and lifelong memories.

In our last post, we described why Thailand was our first destination and the home of Now or Never. It truly encapsulates everything we’re about. Elephant rides, yoga, morning hikes, muay-thai lessons, cooking lessons, Monkey Island, “The Beach,” Vegas-style night and beach clubs, jungle parties, rooftop dinners and open bars, snorkeling, and of course, the infamous Full Moon Party. We’ll never be your “ultimate Spring Break” nor do we strive to be. We aim to be the trip that in 50 years you’ll look back (and remember!) and say, “damn, that was f*cking awesome!”

So I ask again, what do you look for in a vacation?

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