The Case for Travel Now

The people you meet and friends you make will influence your life FOREVER!

This is the aspect I love the most about traveling. When you’re on the road in a place like Thailand or Costa Rica, you meet extraordinary people. People from different countries, career aspirations, religions, and mindsets. The majority of people I interact with are very open minded and adventurous, so you get an amazing perspective from the conversations (and face it, these cultural interactions are extremely rare when you get stuck in your home routine).

Just to cite a few examples:

  • Through the trips Colin and I hosted in Las Vegas and Croatia, we witnessed new relationships, and honestly, lifelong friendship after only 3-4 days. Travel creates this magical atmosphere that brings out the best in all. Looking back, I would have never thought that a trip I hosted potentially could lead a couple getting married! I can name 3-4 that are potentially heading down that road ;)

  • From my 8 months traveling, I have (no joke) a friends house I can stay at in at lest 20 different counties. A recent example that comes top of mind is an amazing couple I met one month ago in Pai, Thailand who lives in the Netherlands. Just last week, I stayed at their house in Gronigen. I got a tour of their city, went out with their best friends for a birthday, and then drove to Amsterdam where they surprised me with a ticket to a local music festival. I have no doubts that these are friends I will have for the rest of my life (thanks Kevin and Fana!)

  • From our single trip to Thailand in April, 34 people now have a place to stay whether they are in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Hong Kong, or Thailand. They have also made connections that are influencing some of their career decisions and opportunities. Pretty nice connections to have if you plan on future travel!

What you experience and learn through traveling will influence your future decisions 

A year ago, I never would have believed that I'd be living in countries around the world planning trips. Through the experiences that Colin and I have had planning and attending amazing group trips, we have followed our passion to create a company and brand to bring that experience to others. 

My roommate, Josh Levy, recently recognized his passion and talent for photography, videography, media and content creation and now has a company to do this while he travels the world. 

Even if you leave a trip with nothing but a great tan and some amazing instagram photos, you’ll never regret the decision to travel. But who knows, one trip could change everything by helping you make the biggest decisions of your life. 

Bosses will actually understand (most of them anyways!)

Nine months ago I was working at Salesforce and my roommate Josh Levy was working at Amazon in San Francisco. We knew we wanted to travel but were terrified to put our careers on “hold” and tell our bosses that we wanted at least a full year to travel the world. We both spent more than a few sleepless nights wondering if we were making the right decision and imagining our bosses freaking out and letting us go. I basically assumed my boss would refuse to be a reference on future job applications!

We were both pleasantly surprised to find our bosses respected and even admired our decisions. We heard “I wish I would have done something like that at your age.” The discussion went better than we hoped and we both have an open door to go back to our past employers. 

Even if you’re only planning to travel on a 1 or 2 week trip, remember that in this day and age, employers are understanding the importance of “unplugging,” traveling, and opening your mind to new experiences. 

And quite frankly, if you're in a career where you can't get 4-5 PTO days that you've EARNED, maybe it's time to reevaluate your situation.

Your experience now will be different than a trip in 20 years. Better? You decide.

This is pretty obvious. Now you can take the risks, and embrace opportunities that you just can’t when you eventually retire. Watch our Now or Never Trips video from our April trip to Thailand and ask yourself if you’ll really be able to have that type experience in 20 years.

Time to live in the now! Stop waiting for tomorrow. Join us this December for our trip to Thailand on December 16-23, won't regret it ;)


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