The Birth of Now or Never: A Year in Review

It’s been one hell of a year.

One year ago as I turned 29, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to spend the last moments of my 20s. Later that week, I quit my job at a top software company in San Francisco, moved out of my apartment, and began to talk with my best friend Colin Saltiel about starting a travel company.

Why a travel company?

  1. I wanted to spend the year traveling around the world and this company would give me a purpose and opportunity to scout exotic locations and meet local people and businesses to partner with.

  2. Colin and I both love to travel. The personal growth from the people you meet and the experiences you create can't be matched.

  3. We knew we could plan badass trips based on several big group trips we organized to both Vegas and Croatia.

  4. We wanted to give others the same life changing experiences we had had during our travel adventures. 

Colin and I spent the next several months learning how to build a website, form an LLC, pay business taxes, and promote our company so that people would actually want to come on our trips. We brainstormed constantly to think of the perfect name for our baby and quickly decided that Neverland Trips wasn’t the vibe we were going for. Shortly after, Now or Never Trips was born. 

I took a one-way flight to Phuket, Thailand on December 6, 2018. I spent the next six months seeing and doing anything and everything I could. I visited 16 countries. I met with restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, animal sanctuaries, cooking schools, photographers, videographers. Then on April 15, I was joined in Thailand by Colin and 34 incredible people who decided to take the risk with us. Colin and I expected the best but were prepared for the worst. 

All we did was set the stage and our guests made it come to life. The trip was a phenomenal success. We had done it, and we knew it was just the beginning. 

So this is a THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us every step of the way! There is no way we could have done this without you. We thank you for making this the most incredible year of our lives.

Sometimes when you’re about to take that leap, whatever it is in your life, you realize that if you wait one more second, one more day, one more month or one more year, that you may never take the plunge. Remind yourself that sometimes, it’s NOW or NEVER!

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